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Clothing lint and additional debris can form over time in clothing dryer vents, especially in high use environments such as public laundry mats and commercial laundry facilities. A blocked or restricted dryer vent does not allow heat and lint particles to be exhausted to the exterior properly, causing lint to build up in the dryer duct and can lead to a fire.
Our Technicians can effectively inspect and clean your commercial dryer duct system. With our large Vacuum Collectors, lint and debris can be effectively extracted from the dryer duct system by our service technicians to mitigate this potentially hazardous situation. In order to ensure safety compliance, it is recommended that dryer vent systems be cleaned annually, call us and we will create a plan for yearly service.


  • Dryer Duct Cleaning
  • Bathroom Exhaust Cleaning
  • Electrostatic Filters​
  • Central A/C Cleaning

For almost 20 years, Cunningham's Air Systems Cleaning Specialists (CASCS) has been a trusted partner in specialized commercial cleaning services–for a multitude of clients with a range of expertise including HVAC systems, commercial dryer ducts, vents, and much more!  As one of the recognized leaders in the Hawaii Islands, CASCS delivers unparalleled knowledge and proficiency, providing clients with thorough service that ensures a clean and healthy indoor air environment for commercial properties.

All of Cunningham’s dedicated technicians are NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association) Ventilation Maintenance Technician (VMT) certified and trained using the latest standards. CASCS employs proven practices that pass the test at every job site. Our services also include “Before + After” photos, along with an overview of work completed–so you can see first-hand how CASCS delivers the highest-quality and most comprehensive service.

We are available to work 24hrs a day and can accommodate any situation. With a fleet of vehicles and fully trained staff at the ready, we can dispatch equipment immediately in emergency situations and are standing by for your call. We provide service for all Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, Government, Hospitals, Hotels, Schools, & more!  CALL US TODAY at (808) 456-7619


  • MagVent Installation
  • Lint Alarm Installation
  • Exhaust System Cleaning
  • Vertical Riser Cleaning

Commercial Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems are constantly working to provide comfort and circulate air. This daily, continuous cycle of heating and cooling causes the accumulation of dust particles, fungi, bacteria, allergens and other contaminants. Cleaning your duct system removes these contaminants and prevents them from being circulated throughout the interiors of your building.
The systematic cleaning of your HVAC system improves air quality and provides a safe and healthy environment for you and your employees by reducing the circulation of bacteria and allergens–while also maximizing the productivity of your system and saving energy. Clean ducts require less energy to run and therefore make the system more cost-efficient (A clean system can reduce the energy consumption of a compressor by 30%). NADCA recommends an inspection and cleaning of commercial ductwork every 3-5 years, for good airflow and peak performance of your HVAC systems.
As a certified member of the NADCA, our field technicians are rigorously trained and prepared to follow all of the NADCA’s stringent requirements. Cunningham's Air Systems Cleaning Specialists is completely certified and insured, so you can rely on us for experienced and professional care of your HVAC system.

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