“"Been in business for a long time in Hawaii. Because we live on an island, word gets around really fast,”coconut wireless”. They do a great job and have been for many years. Great service as well."”



Technicians: Our service specialists are rigorously trained and knowledgeable in all aspects of the latest safety procedures and air quality standards. Each technician is NADCA VMT (Ventilation Maintenance Technician) Certified and trained using the stringent requirements instituted by the NADCA. All of our field staff members are uniformed and fully outfitted with safety equipment, respirators and monitoring equipment in order to exercise the highest level of service at every job site.

Specialized Equipment: Our outstanding reputation is a result of our commitment to excellence and investments in the latest technology for effective cleaning services. With one of the largest fleets in the region, each  of our vans contain a HEPA Vacuum Collector that maintains constant suction of 2,700 C.F.M. providing more power than conventional portable units to transport all dust and debris from your work area directly without any contamination, ensuring a clean and healthy environment for your residential or commercial property.

Because no job is the same, flexibility is important. We provide the latest equipment and trained staff to perform any job, large or small, any time. Cunningham's Air Systems Cleaning Specialists LLC. is certified and insured, so you can rely on us for experienced and professional care of your home and commercial buildings.

Melvin Lim

R&M Air Conditioning LLC